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Even though most car accidents in parking lots occur at low speeds, it is still possible that a person can be injured even in a low speed collision. This is even true even if there is minor property damage to vehicles involved in the car accident. However, a parking lot is private property and can differ from an accident on a public road in the may ways:

  1. State traffic laws may not apply
  2. Police may not always respond
  3. Police may use a different report which includes less details than a standard accident on a public road.
  4. There are less types of citations police are able to issue for an accident on private property
  5. The property owner could potentially be found with some fault for the accident

As with a car accident that occurs on the street, you should still stop and exchange information with the other driver because leaving would cause the accident to be a hit and run. After making sure everyone is safe, call the police to report the accident and exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver.  You should take photos of the damage, vehicle location and accident scene. You should also look around to see if there are any witnesses and get their name and phone numbers. It is also helpful to write down your version of how the accident occurred soon after the accident to help preserve your recollection.

If you are involved in a car accident in Metairie or New Orleans, it is important to consult with an experienced Metairie personal injury lawyer or a New Orleans personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Give us a call for a free consultation on how we can assist you with this claim.

– Amanda Gammon Morse is an associate at Kiefer & Kiefer.

This is provided for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

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