Jones Act Lawyer New Orleans, LA

The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, protects U.S. maritime workers if they’re injured on the job. It permits certain workers, including ship crews and seamen, longshore workers, and boat crews, to file a lawsuit against their employer for creating unsafe working conditions or general negligence, with the goal of securing compensation to cover their medical bills and other losses. If you were injured as a maritime worker working in U.S. navigable waters (including on both rivers like the Mississippi and offshore, in the Gulf), then you have the right to file suit. However, the legal process can be complicated, and employers and their insurance companies will likely fight back. You need the help of a skilled New Orleans, LA Jones Act Lawyer from Kiefer & Kiefer to guide you through the process and litigate on your behalf.

Your Rights Under The Jones Act

The Jones Act was developed by lawmakers who recognized the dangerous working conditions of offshore oil rigs, barges, and other vessels. Even with the best safety protocols and protective equipment, the chances of someone experiencing life-changing injuries is high. Help is usually miles away, with no guarantee it will arrive in time. The Jones Act protects the interests and rights of maritime workers operating at least three miles offshore, including both those on vessels and those in the oil and gas industry.

Even if you’re not specifically covered by The Jones Act, you may still be able to file a lawsuit for compensation after an injury. Those working in maritime-affiliated positions closer to or on land, like dock workers or longshoremen, may be covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Determining the extent of compensation available to you and how much compensation you are eligible for can be tricky, though. Hiring a lawyer to help you may increase the possibility of a large settlement and the justice you deserve.

What Does A New Orleans Jones Act Lawyer Do?

A lawyer focused on helping injured maritime workers understand the difference between a Jones Act claim and other types of workers’ compensation claims. They can gather evidence proving negligence on the part of your employer and develop a strong case against them. Many Jones Act claims are settled out of court, in mediation. Your lawyer can represent you in negotiations, fighting for your interest and yours alone.

Unlike workers’ comp claims, Jones Act injury cases permit the injured worker to demand compensation for non-economic losses, like pain and suffering from their injuries and a loss of quality of life if they’re disabled or disfigured. Your lawyer can properly value the amount for non-economic compensation and fight for what you’re owed.

Do you need help getting compensation after a maritime job injury? Do you need to know what you’re entitled to under The Jones Act and if you’re covered? The legal team at Kiefer & Kiefer can help you, and you can learn more in a free consultation with a New Orleans LA, Jones Act Lawyer.