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Wrongful Death Lawyer New Orleans, LA - An ambulance speeding through traffic at nighttimeRealizing that your loved one was taken before their natural time can be a traumatic experience, and if you are in search of a lawyer, you can rely on a New Orleans, LA wrongful death lawyer to support you. There are few things in life that compare to the pain of losing a loved one. The death of a relative, regardless of the circumstances, can be heart-breaking enough to endure. But when their death has been brought on by the recklessness or negligence of someone else, the psychological toll can exacerbate significantly. If you are considering filing a wrongful death case against a responsible party, then we suggest speaking with us at Kiefer & Kiefer as soon as you are able. We understand the gravity of the situation, and are prepared to handle your case. 

Proving Wrongful Death

Before you can file a wrongful death lawsuit, there are certain elements that must apply, in addition to evidence for your claims. To have a case prevail in the state of Louisiana, you must demonstrate that your loved one passed away, that an intention to cause harm or negligence is associated with the death, and as surviving family members you have had financial hardships as a result. During your consultation with a New Orleans wrongful death lawyer, we can assess evidence and see if more information can be uncovered that is unavailable to you currently. More proof may be brought to light by having a lawyer intervene and perform their own investigation. 

Types of Lawsuits

There are numerous situations and environments in which someone may lose their life wrongfully. Common examples of lawsuits for Louisiana include medical malpractice, aircraft accidents, boating accidents, motor vehicle collisions, product defect, drowning, premises liability, workplace accidents, and construction accidents. With such a range of potential causes for a wrongful death, it can be challenging to know for sure if your situation constitutes a lawsuit. The best way to know for sure is to get a case evaluation from a legal professional who is informed about wrongful death law specifically. 

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For the state of Louisiana, there are four classes of beneficiaries that can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Spouses and children are given preference and have the first right to submit a case. Secondly, if there are no surviving children or a spouse to file a claim, then the parents of the deceased are permitted to sue for damages. If the deceased has no living spouse, child, or parents, then siblings have the right to pursue compensation through a wrongful death case. Lastly, if the deceased has no spouse, children, parents, or siblings, then grandparents can file a lawsuit instead. Due to the statute of limitations, a New Orleans wrongful death lawyer encourages potential clients to reach out as soon as they know they are interested in filing a wrongful death lawsuit.  For a case evaluation and advise on what to do next, please contact our team at Kiefer & Kiefer today.

Compassionate Wrongful Death Lawyers in New Orleans, LA

Your Dedicated Legal Support in New Orleans

When faced with a loved one dying due to the negliegence of another party, it’s essential to reach out to a New Orleans wrongful death lawyer who can provide you with legal advice alongside compassion. At Kiefer & Kiefer, we are here to provide you with unwavering support and guidance during this challenging time.

Why Choose Kiefer & Kiefer

When searching for a wrongful death lawyer in New Orleans, our firm offers several compelling reasons to consider:

Expertise in Wrongful Death Cases

Our seasoned team of wrongful death attorneys have a thorough understanding of the law, regardless of the circumstances or conditions surrounding a case. We have successfully represented numerous clients throughout the city, ensuring they receive the legal support they need to navigate the intricacies of wrongful death claims.

Compassion and Understanding

Wrongful death cases often mean intense financial strains alongside emotional distress for you and your family. Our New Orleans wrongful death lawyers approach each case with genuine compassion and unwavering understanding. We are here to listen to your unique circumstances, address your concerns, and guide you through the legal process with care and empathy.

Thorough Investigation

Whenever handling a case, we always ensure to conduct a thorough investigation and leave no stone unturned when gathering evidence. Our lawyers work diligently to investigate your case, collect critical evidence, and build a strong argument on your behalf.

Negotiation Skills

Insurance companies often will try to minimize a settlement for a victim’s family. Our wrongful death lawyers in New Orleans have honed their negotiation skills, allowing us to advocate effectively for your rights and secure a fair settlement that covers your losses.

Litigation Experience

While our attorneys understand that settling outside of the courtroom is often the preferable option, we also understand that sometimes it’s necessary to take a case to court. We never back away from taking a case to court if we feel that that’s the best strategy. With a strong track record in New Orleans, we are wholly dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases We Handle

Our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge in handling all sorts of wrongful death cases, including:

  • Fatal Accidents: When a loved one has lost their life in a tragic accident, we investigate the circumstances and pursue the responsible parties for damages.
  • Medical Malpractice: If medical negligence has led to the wrongful death of your family member, we can help you seek justice and compensation.
  • Product Liability: If a defective product caused the fatal incident, our lawyers can pursue a product liability claim on your behalf.
  • Workplace Accidents: When a workplace accident results in a wrongful death, we can assist in determining liability and pursuing a wrongful death claim.

When you’ve experienced the wrongful death of a loved one in New Orleans, LA, you don’t have to endure the legal process alone. We stand ready to support you, protect your rights, and help you on your journey to justice and compensation. Your path to healing and closure begins with us, when you reach out to Kiefer & Kiefer to work with a New Orleans wrongful death lawyer!

Types Of Accidents That Can Result In Wrongful Death Claims

Each New Orleans, LA wrongful death lawyer from our law firm is dedicated to getting families the financial justice they deserve for the death of their loved ones. Wrongful death lawsuits can arise from various types of accidents and incidents where an individual’s death is attributed to the negligence or wrongful actions of another party. These lawsuits seek to hold the responsible party accountable and provide compensation to surviving family members. Here are five different types of accidents that can result in a wrongful death lawsuit:

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of wrongful death claims. When a person dies because of another driver’s negligence, such as speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, or reckless behavior, surviving family members may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. These lawsuits can provide compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost income, and the emotional pain and suffering experienced by the victim’s loved ones.

It’s important to note that wrongful death claims can also involve accidents where the responsible party is not a driver, such as accidents caused by defective vehicle components or poorly maintained roadways.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, or hospitals, fail to provide a standard level of care, resulting in a patient’s death. Wrongful death claims in medical malpractice cases may involve:

  • Surgical errors: Mistakes made during surgery that led to fatal complications.
  • Medication errors: Administering incorrect medications or dosages that prove fatal.
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis: Failing to accurately diagnose or timely diagnose a severe medical condition, leading to the patient’s death.
  • Birth injuries: Injuries sustained during childbirth that result in the infant’s death or the mother’s death due to complications.

Wrongful death claims in medical malpractice cases can be complex and require expert testimony to establish negligence and causation.

Wrongful Death Infographic

Wrongful Death Claims In Medical Malpractice Infographic

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can lead to wrongful death claims when a fatal incident occurs due to unsafe working conditions, inadequate training, or equipment failures. Common workplace accidents that can result in wrongful death lawsuits include:

  • Falls from heights: Fatal falls from ladders, scaffolding, or elevated surfaces.
  • Industrial accidents: Accidents involving heavy machinery, equipment, or materials.
  • Exposure to hazardous substances: Fatalities caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or substances in the workplace.
  • Construction accidents: Fatalities on construction sites due to various hazards.

Employers have a duty to provide a safe work environment, and when they fail to do so, resulting in an employee’s death, surviving family members may seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Product Liability Accidents

Product liability wrongful death claims arise when a defective or dangerous product causes a person’s death. This can include defective consumer products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or automotive parts. If a product’s design, manufacturing, or labeling is found to be responsible for the death, the manufacturer or distributor may be held liable for damages in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Such claims can be complex and may require investigations into the product’s design, production process, and safety testing. This is why it is important to work with a skilled and experienced New Orleans wrongful death lawyer.

Criminal Acts

Wrongful death lawsuits can also result from criminal acts, such as homicide or assault. When a person’s actions lead to another person’s death, criminal charges may be filed, but surviving family members can also pursue a civil wrongful death lawsuit against the perpetrator to seek compensation for their losses.

While criminal charges aim to punish the wrongdoer, wrongful death lawsuits focus on providing financial relief to the deceased person’s family, including covering funeral expenses, medical bills, lost financial support, and emotional distress.

New Orleans Wrongful Death Statistics

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2021, there were almost 225,000 preventable deaths in the United States. Another 62 million people suffered injuries: all at a cost nationally of more than $1 billion. Unintentional injury death is now the fourth leading cause of death in this country.

If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, contact a wrongful death lawyer for legal assistance and find out how you can obtain financial justice for your loved one’s death.

How A Wrongful Death Law Firm Can Help You

Losing a loved one is an emotionally devastating experience, and when that loss is due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, the pain can be compounded by a sense of injustice. During such challenging times, seeking the assistance of a New Orleans, LA wrongful death lawyer can be crucial in navigating the legal complexities and obtaining the compensation and closure that grieving families deserve.

Investigation And Gathering Evidence

One of the primary ways a wrongful death law firm can help is by conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death. This involves collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, consulting experts, and analyzing relevant documents. By building a solid case based on facts and evidence, the law firm strengthens its position when negotiating with insurance companies or presenting the case in court.

Legal Experience And Guidance

Navigating the legal system can be overwhelming, especially for those who are grieving. A wrongful death law firm brings legal experience to the table, guiding the family through the complex legal process. Attorneys specializing in wrongful death cases understand the intricacies of relevant laws and statutes, ensuring that the legal strategy is sound and aligned with the specific circumstances of the case.

Determining Liability and Compensation:

Establishing liability is a crucial aspect of any wrongful death case. The law firm works to identify the parties responsible for the death, whether it’s an individual, a company, or a combination of entities. Once liability is determined, the attorneys assess the damages suffered by the surviving family members. This may include compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost income, and the emotional pain and suffering endured by the family.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

In many cases, the responsible party’s insurance company will be involved in the compensation process. Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, as they often seek to minimize payouts. Wrongful death law firms have experience negotiating with insurance companies to ensure that families receive fair and just compensation for their losses. This includes advocating for compensation beyond immediate financial losses, such as loss of companionship and emotional distress. Contact us today to speak with a New Orleans wrongful death lawyer.

Litigation And Court Representation

If negotiations with the responsible party or their insurance company are unsuccessful, a wrongful death law firm is prepared to take the case to court. Litigation requires a thorough understanding of court procedures, rules of evidence, and effective courtroom advocacy. Attorneys representing the family present the case, argue legal points, and advocate for the compensation the family deserves.

Providing Emotional Support

Beyond the legal aspects, a wrongful death law firm understands the emotional toll these cases take on families. Compassionate attorneys offer support and empathy, guiding families through the legal process with sensitivity and understanding. They provide a source of stability during a tumultuous time, allowing families to focus on healing while the legal aspects are handled by professionals.

In times of loss, the support of a wrongful death law firm is invaluable. By entrusting the legal process to experienced professionals, grieving families can focus on healing and rebuilding their lives while knowing that their case is being pursued with diligence and guidance. The pursuit of justice and fair compensation becomes a collaborative effort between the family and the legal team, ultimately working towards a resolution that brings both closure and accountability. Reach out to us today at Kiefer & Kiefer to speak with a wrongful death lawyer New Orleans, LA residents trust.

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Wrongful death lawsuits serve to provide financial support and some measure of justice to the surviving family members of the deceased. These lawsuits can vary significantly depending on the circumstances of each case, and it’s crucial to consult with an experienced New Orleans, LA wrongful death lawyer from Kiefer & Kiefer to navigate the legal process and secure the compensation that your family deserves.

Who Can Sue For Wrongful Death In Louisiana?

The loss of a loved one is an incredibly painful experience, and it can be even more challenging when the death is due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions. In Louisiana, wrongful death claims allow certain family members to seek compensation for their loss. Understanding who is eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit is essential for those seeking justice and financial relief. Here, we address some frequently asked questions about who can sue for wrongful death in Louisiana.

Who Is Eligible To File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the law specifies a hierarchy of individuals who are eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The primary right to sue lies with the surviving spouse and children of the deceased. If there is no surviving spouse or children, the right to file a claim passes to the surviving parents. If there are no surviving parents, the deceased’s siblings can file a wrongful death claim. In the absence of siblings, the deceased’s grandparents may bring the lawsuit. It’s important to consult with a wrongful death lawyer New Orleans, LA turns to in their time of need, to ensure that you have the legal standing to file a claim.

Can Multiple Family Members File Separate Wrongful Death Claims?

No, Louisiana law does not allow multiple family members to file separate wrongful death claims. Instead, all eligible family members must join together in a single lawsuit. This ensures that the court can address the totality of the family’s loss in one comprehensive case. Working with a New Orleans, LA wrongful death lawyer can help coordinate this process and ensure that all eligible family members are included in the claim.

What Types Of Damages Can Be Recovered In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

In a wrongful death lawsuit, eligible family members can seek various types of damages. These include economic damages, such as funeral and burial expenses, medical bills incurred prior to death, and lost income or financial support that the deceased would have provided. Non-economic damages can also be claimed, which cover the emotional and psychological impact of the loss, including pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and mental anguish. In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded if the defendant’s conduct was particularly reckless or malicious.

Is There A Time Limit To File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Louisiana?

Yes, Louisiana law imposes a statute of limitations on wrongful death claims. The lawsuit must be filed within one year of the deceased person’s death. This time limit is strictly enforced, and missing the deadline can result in losing the right to pursue compensation. It’s crucial to act promptly and consult with your New Orleans wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your claim is filed within the legal timeframe.

What If The Deceased Had No Will Or Estate Plan?

The absence of a will or estate plan does not prevent eligible family members from filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The right to file a wrongful death claim is independent of the deceased’s estate and is determined by Louisiana’s wrongful death statutes. Even without a will, the designated family members specified by law (spouse, children, parents, siblings, or grandparents) retain the right to seek compensation. Consulting with a wrongful death lawyer can help clarify the process and ensure that the claim is handled appropriately.

Assistance From Our Firm

Understanding who can sue for wrongful death in Louisiana is crucial for those seeking justice and compensation for their loss. The law provides a clear hierarchy of eligible family members, ensuring that the right individuals can file a claim. By consulting with a skilled lawyer, like those at Kiefer & Kiefer, you can navigate the legal complexities and work towards securing the compensation you deserve. If you have any questions or need assistance with a wrongful death claim, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated team is here to support you through this challenging time and help you achieve justice for your loved one.

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