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Pain and Suffering Damages in New Orleans- Kiefer & Kiefer New Orleans Personal Injury Attorneys

When you’ve been injured in a car accident in New Orleans, the psychological and emotional effects can be just as significant and debilitating as physical injuries.

Understanding the monetary value of the pain and suffering you endure as a result of an accident is critical to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. In New Orleans, the expert attorneys at Kiefer & Kiefer can help you through the complex process of putting value on these damages.

What Are Pain and Suffering Damages?

Pain and suffering damages are a type of non-economic damages, which compensate accident victims for the mental and emotional distress caused by their injuries.

Some of the damages in this category can include:

  • Physical pain or discomfort
  • Emotional distress, like depression, anxiety, and even PTSD
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium, or the value of the negative impact on relationships with partners and loved ones

Factors Affecting the Value of Pain and Suffering Damages in Louisiana

It can be incredibly challenging to put a value on pain and suffering damages, as in New Orleans there are several factors to consider.

Severity of Injuries

The more severe the injury, the greater the potential monetary value of pain and suffering damages. A broken bone, for example, will generally result in more compensation than minor sprains or bruises.

Duration of Recovery

Another factor that is considered is how long it takes for you to reach the point of full recovery. Longer recovery periods mean more pain and suffering, and higher damage.

Impact on Daily Life

Injuries that have a more considerable detrimental effect on your ability to perform daily tasks, or even enjoy recreational activities, tend to have higher damage values.

Permanent Injuries

Injuries that lead to permanent disabilities or disfigurements can dramatically increase the value of your pain and suffering damages. These long-lasting effects can have significant and even life-long impacts on your quality of life.

Age & Pre-Existing Conditions

Your age and pre-existing conditions can also affect the value of your claim. Older individuals or those who had prior health issues often receive lower amounts of compensation, due to a perceived shorter life expectancy or because in comparison to their pre-existing conditions, their injuries were deemed less severe.

Credibility & Consistency

A strong, consistent, and credible account of your pain and suffering will often result in higher damages. Inconsistent statements or lack of credibility can hurt your claim.

Calculating Pain and Suffering Damages In New Orleans

There is no set formula for calculating pain and suffering damages, but there are two common methods used, the multiplier method and the per diem method. Take a look:

Multiplier Method

The multiplier approach involves multiplying the total amount of economic damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage, by a specific factor, often between 1.5x and 5x, determined by injury severity. The result is the monetary value of the damages.

Per Diem Method

The per diem method works by assigning a dollar value for each day you experienced pain and suffering, $100 per day for example. The daily amount should be based on reasonable calculations such as the severity of the injuries and their impact on your daily life.

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