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What to do when my neighbor’s water line broke and flooded my house in New Orleans - Kiefer & Kiefer New Orleans Personal Injury Attorneys

There are many reasons your house could flood – whether from a hurricane, burst pipe, or something else – and none of them are good.

However, it’s even more of a hassle when a flood occurs due to your neighbor’s broken water line, and you have to work with them for monetary compensation for the damages to your home. 

Fortunately, your hands are not tied in this situation, and you can move forward with recovering your rightful compensation. Our team of experienced attorneys at Kiefer & Kiefer walks you through what to do if your neighbor’s water line breaks and floods your house in Louisiana.

How do I determine if my neighbor is at fault for flooding my house?

There are several types of water damage that could cause a dispute between you and your neighbor, and flooding is one of them. Your neighbor may be responsible for all the damage that comes out of a flood if they are found at fault for your flooding.

There are a few laws that could relieve your neighbor of fault for water damage, but many do not apply to a broken water line.

For example, people generally cannot be held accountable for water damage caused by natural land conditions. This includes runoff from storms that might flood a neighbor on a lower-elevation property, but not one on a higher-elevation property.

Luckily, these laws only apply to natural conditions. Neighbors can still be held accountable in court for flooding if they demonstrated “carelessness” that led to the flooding. 

Examples of carelessness when it comes to water damage or flooding, especially in the case of a  broken water line, include:

  • Failure to maintain water pipes over time
  • Leaving the water running for too long
  • Worn pipes that burst in cold weather
  • Clogged pipes that burst and cause flooding

What compensation can I receive if my neighbor’s water line breaks and floods my New Orleans house?

When a neighbor’s pipe bursts, some people might mistakenly think they’re only responsible for the cost of repairs. 

However, you are able to collect damages for other costs associated with the flooding if your neighbor is found legally responsible for the damages you suffered.

In addition to the cost of repairs, your neighbor may be obligated to compensate you for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Mental distress, if you have suffered a physical injury
  • Cost of living expenses if you have to stay at a hotel while repairs are made
  • Punitive damages, in situations where the neighbor acted with malice

When does homeowner’s insurance cover water damage?

If your neighbor is found legally responsible for water damage on your property, there are times when their homeowner’s insurance will cover the water damage. 

This is typical for ordinary water damage, especially water damage from sources inside the home. In the case of outside rising water, then flood insurance may be required to pay for the water damage. 

It can be a good thing sometimes if an insurance company is covering the cost of your damages. However, it can also add another layer of red tape and make things more difficult for you to collect the compensation legally owed to you. 

Insurance companies sometimes try to avoid paying your rightful compensation for a variety of reasons that support their bottom line.

They may use tactics that could include:

  • Failing to return your calls
  • Prolonging the investigation of your damage
  • Asking you to repeat information or fill out more paperwork
  • Underestimating the value of your property damage
  • Ignoring the terms of your policy

In situations where insurance tries to avoid paying the money owed to you, then a trusted New Orleans lawyer with experience in insurance cases who has your best interests in mind will fight to make sure you are paid your due compensation.

Contact Kiefer & Kiefer New Orleans attorneys today

If your neighbor’s carelessness led to flooding in your home, then don’t wait to win back your deserved compensation. Make time today to connect with Kiefer & Kiefer insurance claims lawyers, and we will fight to recover the full value of your losses. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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