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18 wheeler insurance louisiana - kiefer kiefer new orleans injury attorneys

Being injured in a car accident involving an 18-wheeler accident can be a shocking and traumatizing event.  18-wheeler or semi-truck accidents can seem different from car accidents.  Not only can the personal injuries that you suffer be more severe because of the weight and size of the 18-wheeler, but the likelihood of serious damage to your automobile is higher as well.

Additionally, you may be able to make a claim against multiple parties for your personal injuries or property damages. You may have claims against the driver of the 18-wheeler or truck involved in the accident, the company that hired the driver, the insurance company that insured the driver or the company that hired the driver, and possibly other parties. Because these are typically commercial parties that are very familiar with 18-wheeler accident injury claims, you will be met with seasoned negotiators who have unlimited resources to fight your claims.

The good news is that Louisiana does require that semi-trucks and big rigs carry more insurance to protect you from potentially serious damages.  While the minimum amount of insurance in Louisiana is just $15,000, an 18-wheeler is required to carry at least a lot more for any trucking accidents in Louisiana.

Under current state and federal laws, truckers are required to have a minimum liability coverage depending on whether they were transporting hazardous materials or not and depending on the weight of materials they are transporting.

If the truck is transporting freight that is non-hazardous and in vehicles weighing under 10,000 pounds, the truck is still required to have at least $300,000 of automobile insurance.  In most scenarios, these vehicles weigh over 10,000 pounds and will be required to have a minimum of $750,000 of insurance.  That minimum could rise to a requirement of $5 million for certain hazardous cargo.

At Kiefer & Kiefer have decades of experience handling trucking and 18-wheeler accident cases and have recovered tens of millions of dollars for their clients that have been involved in big rig accidents in New Orleans, Metairie, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and other parishes in Louisiana.  We know first hand the devastation that a large vehicle weighing many tons can cause to your car, your body, and your life.  Do not make the mistake of hiring a trucking accident lawyer with no experience who is afraid to go to trial if the insurance company does not want to fairly compensate you following an 18-wheeler accident in Louisiana. We have a seasoned team of trial attorneys ready to fight for you.

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