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hurrican ida claim - kiefer kiefer new orleans injury attorneys

It may be an unpopular opinion amongst lawyers, but you do NOT need a lawyer to make an insurance claim for property damage or business interruption insurance following Hurricane Ida.

What most lawyers won’t tell you is that they want to sign up your case as quickly as possible and charge you a percentage of all the recovery from the insurance company before the insurance company even pays you anything.  What this means is that if you have $10,000 of damage to your roof, your lawyer make take a fee of $3,500, leaving you with only $6,500 – not even enough to fix your roof. That means the lawyer is taking a “cut” of what your insurance company would have given you without even fighting you for it, leaving you not even made whole.  That’s just not right.

We encourage you to open the claim yourself and then once your insurance company makes a payment, ask us to take a look at it.  We won’t take a fee on what you already got from your insurance company – that’s not right! We also won’t take a fee if we can’t get you any more than you already got.  But, what we will do is let you know when your insurance company did not do right by you.  They may not timely investigate your claims, pay you less than you deserve for the damage, fail to pay you for loss of use, or claim exclusions under the insurance policy that are not accurate.  If this happens, we will go and fight them to get you what you deserve and only take payment if we get you money.

Hiring an honest lawyer could save you tens of thousands of dollars.  Don’t be fooled. If you think your insurance company has not paid your claim properly, let us know and we can help.  If you would rather us handle the whole claim, that’s fine too.  We just want you to be treated fairly.

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