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Personal Injury

Can I make a claim if I was injured in a fire in New Orleans

By January 17, 2022June 8th, 2023No Comments

Injuries caused by fires in New Orleans are some of the most serious person can sustain. Those injuries, whether physical, emotional, or in the form or property damage, can have a significant effect on a person and their family.

Some severe burn injuries can require extensive medical treatment, resulting in very costly medical bills, and being left unable to work for long periods of time.

A person injured by a fire caused by another is entitled to compensation for their damages. You may have a claim against the homeowner, the business owner, or their insurance companies if you were injured by a property fire.

If you were injured by a product or a vehicle in Louisiana, you may have a claim against the vehicle owner’s insurance or a company for the burn injuries you sustained.

If you or a family member have sustained injuries because of a fire, it may be beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney in New Orleans.  Specifically, proving the homeowner or business owner was negligent or played a part in causing the fire can be a complicated investigation. When we have handled cases like these in the past, we have had to engage experts soon after the injury to ascertain the cause of the fire or do an inspection on the product.

The physical and emotional pain associated with these types of injuries can be devastating, and the recovery process extends well past the initial injury. An attorney will help you and your family discuss possible options you have, and help you navigate to make sure you choose the best options for your circumstances.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a fire, please give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your rights, and possible claim. This is provided for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

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