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The first Mardi Gras of the 2020s is here! Here are some tips for staying safe and to help you have the best time at the parades.

  1. Plan Ahead. Know what times the parades roll and plan ahead if you are driving to the parade or meeting friends. Street closures happen hours before the parades and parking on parade routes shut down two hours before the parades start even if it may take 2 hours to get to where you’re parking.
  2. Don’t Plan. Mardi Gras can be frustrating if you have a plan and need to execute it. A parade delay or traffic congestion can cause plans to dismantle in an instant. The best Mardi Gras memories come from sporadic events, so be open and embrace them!
  3. Adopt a Cop! The NOPD is out there working overtime to keep things running smoothly and helping to keep us safe. Here is how you can support them: Blog
  4. Don’t Pee on the Street. A definite invitation to take the drunk bus to jail and you may not get out until after Mardi Gras Day. There are many places along the route that you can use the restroom for a small fee. Try churches or businesses.
  5. Don’t touch the NOPD horses. Trust us.
  6. Costume. At least a little.
  7. Pack Snacks. It’s a sprint, not a marathon. Carrying a little Popeyes chicken in your backpack is never a bad idea.
  8. Get Yourself a Parade Tracker.
  9. Don’t Move Other People’s Stuff. Some people stake out their spots for days before a parade, and oftentimes, they have been standing in the same spots for decades.
  10. Don’t Drink and Drive. Call an #uber or #lyft.
  11. (A bonus tip!) Always have your lawyer’s number saved. 504-828-3313 😉

Keep in mind that the routes of Zulu, Endymion, and other favorite parades are changing this year due to the Hard Rock hotel collapse. See updated route information here:

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